Tom Blah
31-Oct-2017 13:12:33

5 Most Powerful Marketing Campaigns of 2017

As we are reaching the end of 2017, we put together the most influential marketing campaigns so far




1.Volvo - “Moments”

In this chilling yet realistic campaign, Volvo releases a three-minute film promoting the power of its XC60 SUV’s safety features. ‘Moments’ begins by showing a scared little girl on her first day of school, which then goes on to go through an artistically filmed “journey” of this girl’s life, until it abruptly stops. Generally, car adverts focus on the style, speed and the aesthetic of the car but in this advert it focuses on the functionality and safety - ultimately reaching out to a different target market of families, particularly new parents, who are looking for all the best tactics to protect their children. Volvo “Moments” builds meaning and empathy through a parent’s biggest fear, evoking memorability by touching on a shocking message. This campaign was a much more emotional and empathetic piece of content than normal car ads. Volvo promotes a really positive brand image by empathising with new parents. A quote from one of the YouTube comments even “I love how the video reflects the standards of Volvo and how much it really cares for the safety of people”, which goes to show how successful this campaign was.


2. Heineken World’s Apart

Titled "Worlds Apart: An Experiment," the two-minute-long commercial shows six strangers paired up, unaware that their partners hold opposing views to their own. After the pairs follow instructions to build a bar together, a video plays of each person voicing their opinions on hot-button issues like transgender rights, climate change and feminism. This ad overcomes barriers in an over polarised world by focusing on the things that unite us rather than divide us. In this case, beer is what brings people with completely different views together. This advert focuses on empathy and tolerance among us in a timely and relevant matter considering the current status of our world today. Generally, beer campaigns are surface-y, showing people enjoying themselves, partying etc. They are meant to promote fun and lightheartedness. The reason why this campaign was so clever is that it unexpectedly evoked emotion and took the beer brand on a much deeper level. It was timely placed as the volatile political landscape that was going on at the time it aired was dividing people more than ever. 



3.  Nike - Breaking2

Nike’s epic Breaking2 campaign came so painfully close to achieving the goal of the campaign: to break the two hour time record of running a marathon. Even though they failed to break the two hour mark (by merely minutes), the campaign was a massive success in promoting the brand as well as promoting the athletes. On the back of this advert, the brand launched a savvy marketing campaign for the shoes as well. Titled ‘Just Do It Day’, Nike invited customers to run a sub-25 minute 5k using the Nike Running app to unlock early access to the Nike Zoom Fly sneaker. The inspiration behind Breaking2 was so massive and well-known, that it encouraged every day people to take part in a challenge, regardless of skill or level of training. This campaign was both a genuine sporting event and a marketing stunt, which Nike successfully pulled off without discrediting either sides of the campaign.


4.  84 Lumber: Super Bowl Advert

This advert was aired during the Super Bowl, where nearly 111 million viewers watch it every year. The video shows a mother and a daughter in Mexico, waking up at the crack of dawn and packing their bags. The advert goes through the whole journey to the American border, while simultaneously showing construction workers building the infamous “wall”, with a twist ending that encourages freedom and welcomeness of those who work hard. Of course, this was controversial due to the extremity of differences in opinions after the election, but it got people talking and associated the lumber brand to these conversations. The messaging in this advert emphasised that America is a great land of opportunity, and thus, 84 Lumber is a company of opportunity. The aim of this advert was to encourage hardworking, strong willed, determined people to take a stand against an outlandish idea. The campaign was done tastefully, by entering the conversation around immigration, while still reflecting their brand values.


5. Adidas Originals Series:

In this Adidas Originals series, the aesthetic value of this campaign shows the art and deeper hidden meaning behind it. The advert shows different groups of individualist people singing lines of the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, with the aim of promoting their individuality. The creative director of this campaign, Wes Phelan says, “Each of the scenes are, in a way, a reference to a moment of cultural relevance”, even describing the “Birth of Venus” scene as “the digital wasteland--a symbol of the pace and which we are going through modern technologies.” The goal of the campaign was to promote creativity and individuality, but to also change the image of the brand to become more of a streetwear line. The target audience was for young people who feel marginalised by the older generation, and who are disillusioned with society. This advert embodies many different cultural issues such as the younger generation being fed up with class inequalities, race inequalities and gender inequalities, when in reality, they all just want to stand together. The campaign is mostly about the new age we live in, but promotes the old age as shaping us for who we are now. For example, showing Stormzy in contrast to Snoop Dogg and also comparing the Clockwork Orange gang but having the members be women, essentially taking a stand whilst still remembering the past.


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