quantitatively identified and located their target audiences online

Cif’s specific use case

  • Tribe and target audience identification.
  • Mapping the customer's existing personas and translating them, through quantitative research and insight, into identifiable, and locatable, online tribes and communities.

The Challenge

Cif needed to translate their multiple personas, created from qualitative market research, into three dimensional online communities, which they could then use to inform their brand strategy and create content around.

Codec’s Solution

Codec built and analysed tribes based on the 6 overlapping personas provided by Cif, and identified 3 online communities which Cif could target comprehensibly and with confidence.
For each tribe, Codec provided:

  • Detailed personality insights.
  • The most resonant cultural interests.
  • Neural-net image analysis data.
  • Optimal content platforms and formats.


  1. Accurate translation from rich qualitative insights to actionable quantitative insights.
  2. Accurate definition of online social behaviours and affinities within each tribe.
  3. Actionable insights applicable to the Unilever 5C framework.