achieved a 280% increase in engagement for their influencer based content


Cornetto’s performance

280% increase in engagement 12% higher brand uplift

Cornetto’s specific use case

  • Choosing the influencer that will have the greatest ROI.
  • Identifying the optimal distribution platform.
  • Briefing the influencer with evidence of what content would most resonate with the target audience.

The Challenge

Global Unilever ice cream brand Cornetto used Codec to help them gain insights into a millennial Snapchatting audience.

Codec’s Solution

The Codec platform ranked the most resonant influencers for Cornetto’s “Share the Love” campaign, and provided rich insights into this audience of Snapchatters - something which has eluded many marketers.


Cornetto’s campaign used the Codec platform recommended influencer - Josh Pieters - and resulted in:

  1. 280% increase in engagement vs the average influencer led branded content
  2. 745% higher engagement vs the average engagement of the top 25 brands on Twitter
  3. 12% higher brand uplift within the millennial segment, than Cornetto’s previous influencer marketing campaign.