Eve.pngdoubled sales using content developed with Codec insights



Eve’s performance

100% increase in MOM revenue 200% higher brand uplift

Eve’s specific use case

  • Branding & content creation
  • Gaining a rich understanding of the interests of their target audience, and the content formats that index the highest with that audience

The Challenge

On-demand mattress company, Eve, approached Codec with the goal of improving brand awareness and increasing online mattress sales to an affluent and entrepreneurial target audience in the UK.

Codec’s Solution

Our platform analysed content and emotional tone preferences within the target audience for interest topics with a high potential for engagement.

Our analysis revealed that this group favoured long form written content, and that there was significant unfilled demand for content around leadership, self-improvement, and spiritual wellness.


Eve A/B tested an image-based, short form copy, mattress poster in 6 London underground locations. It was pulled 1 week later, after being outperformed by the long-form poster based on Codec recommendations.

Eve then implemented our recommendations into their December-February 2016 London underground campaign.

Their long-form text tube poster campaign, based on Codec’s recommendations, led to a 2x increase in monthly revenue and 3x increase in brand awareness.

Additionally, Eve responded to the target audience demand for spiritual wellness content exploring topics such as meditation through their branded content.