took global consumer tribe insight and made them actionable at the specific country level

Vichy’s specific use case

  • Global vs Local insight.
  • Create alignment between Global and Local teams.

The Challenge

Vichy needed to define and populate their 4 pre-conceived Global consumer tribes, and find an effective way of scaling these tribes down to accurate, actionable local insights for country-specific markets.

Codec’s Solution

Codec built and analysed 4 look-alike tribes within France, Brazil, Germany and South Korea based on Vichy’s original brand documents and brief. Codec then combined each tribe’s country-specific components to create accurate, Global insights.


  1. Precise definition of relevant, real-life communities of social media users within each country.
  2. Country-specific insights to create alignment between Global and Local markets.
  3. Concrete consumer understanding of their tribes, which will form the basis of their brand strategy moving forward.
The tribes created by Codec formed the basis of our Social pitch.
We presented them in a major meeting where Codec was highly regarded, and moving forward these insights will form the basis of our business strategy, not just digital or social. Codec has eliminated the guesswork involved in scaling global strategy down to country-specific tribes.
Rob Imig, International Director, Comms & Digital for Vichy