Jonathan Wallace
23-Jun-2017 16:48:25

Codec: Best AI Product in Marketing - CogX 2017

We are delighted to announce that Codec have won the best Artifical Intelligence Product in Marketing award at the Artifical Intelligence Innovation Awards held at CogX London 2017. 

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The AI Innovation Awards were to showcase the companies leading the way in AI innovation, and Codec was proud to be standing on the stage alongside Google’s DeepMind and Tesla. CogX went so far as to invite Sophia, Hanson Robotics latest robot, to be a guest speaker.

The CogX event brought together thought leaders across more than 20 industries and domains to address the pressing issues around artificial intelligence and move the conversation forward. CogX is trying to bring clarity to AI and its impact on a wide range of industries, celebrating innovation in AI, and facilitating strategies for the future.


These awards have been judged by an independent panel of experts. Entrants were judged on their product, team and the long term sustainable advantage of the product. The result was a shortlist of the most innovative and disruptive businesses in the world of AI.
From that shortlist, the industry leaders were chosen, and we are honoured to be one of them; ultimately winning "Best AI Product in Marketing".

There were 350 leaders from the industry, academia and government gathered at the gala on 20 June. CognitionX’s aim is that businesses of every size, in every industry, will be able to integrate technologies to make them more efficient, and better equipped for the future.

 Codec is honoured to be recognised as a contributing piece to this Artificial Intelligence revolution, and to top the week off,  we also won the pitch event at in partnership with Publicis Media. We’ll cheers to that!

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