Tom Blah
27-Sep-2017 10:56:39

How to Influence the Influencers

Relationships are a two-way street!




Decades of interruptive communications from brands to consumers has changed the landscape of how brands can nowadays effectively market. Millennials and Gen-X-ers don’t trust corporations or brands anymore. They trust their favourite influencer opinions over traditional celebrities promoting a brand. They trust the leaders of their tribe. On top of that, with the addition and commonality of ad-blockers, the ROI of buying eyeballs through media spend is becoming lower and lower. A key trend we have all seen emerge, is using micro-influencers as a way to give a voice to your brand.

For brands, the most powerful influencers are not the ones with the most followers, they are the ones whose audience will download, purchase and try anything they endorse. A way for a brand to get through is to “borrow their audiences” - or essentially influence the influencer to use and promote their brand.

The first step to influencing the influencer is to make sure you are targeting the correct audience for your project. Do your research: make sure that the target audience you are trying to reach will be the ones who will actually purchase your product or like your brand. From there, it is crucial for your brand to make sure they have found the right influencer to pushtheir product. This is found by making sure that you are aligned with these influencers in terms of values, branding, audience, language and

There are some great tools out there currently which can help brands make the right choices (check out our post on that here). Sometimes, it’s not commonly understood that a few lower-tier influencers might actually have a bigger influence on your target audience than an A list celebrity. If you're launching a pregnancy app, seek relationships with several popular mum bloggers in local markets, versus putting your eggs all in the single basket of an expecting celebrity.

The next step is to get the influencer’s attention - which can be difficult especially if you do not have a ton of social currency yourself. First, follow their call to action - subscribe, follow, retweet, leave a comment, post rave reviews, etc. Show a genuine interest in the influencer. Next, remember that influencing is a two-way street: influencer marketing is similar to professional networking. You will get a lot more mileage if you actually connect people to each other instead of leveraging your relationships only to your advantage. You can do this by introducing influencers to other industry insiders and send them occasional resources and ideas.

Lastly and most importantly, it’s key to remember that authenticity reigns. After all, influencers are human beings that actually desire authentic, professional relationships. They respect and demand originality as it is how they have created their own “brands”. Moreover, converse and engage with the influencer in regular, authentic ways, not just when you need a favour. Maintain a relationship with them and your “partnership” will help you both in many ways!

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