Jonathan Wallace
19-Jul-2017 12:09:47

How hyper targeting can help gambling     companies better reach their diverse audience

Gambling companies' USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) are low. Marketing is the way for companies in this crowded space to be distinguished.



Gambling companies have an interesting customer base because of the range of their customers’ interests. The majority of these customers are either sports fanatics or elderly people. How would a company even attempt to target both of these audiences in one campaign?

The answer is is that it wouldn’t. It’s a common mistake many gambling companies make - trying to reach multiple, completely different audiences by using the same marketing or advertising method. Lots of gambling companies don’t realise this and, as a result, their efforts are wasted. Alternatively, the ones that do are often marketing on the basis of demographics, rather than the segmented audiences of actual passions or preferences. Hyper targeting can help eradicate these problems by distinguishing who the target audiences are, how to reach them most effectively, and what type of content to produce.



So, how does this work? Using AI, these two groups are separated into “tribes”, or deep communities grouped together based on common interests or affinities. One being the elderly bingo players, and one being the sports fanatics.

If you go even deeper, you may find that these groups overlap in counterintuitive ways. For example, AI can help determine that both tribes have common interests by analysing their passion points and their sub-interests that correlate with their interest in betting. The data might discover that there is a common interest in an influencer - a blogger or social figure - that each of these tribes actively follow. Using that information, gambling companies can redirect their marketing efforts by going through this influencer. This conclusion would not have been easy to figure out using the human brain, but gambling companies have now found quicker and easier way to establish links so that they can create the same content and it reach both “tribes” or target audiences. Human capabilities are sometimes limited and the addition of artificial intelligence is extending the reach of those limitations. A human touch is still needed to make marketing and advertising decisions, but AI can quickly gather information that is not obvious to the human eye. By helping companies such as gambling companies understand how to better market the unexplored areas of their target audiences, AI can also save time, energy and resources and can act as a creative crutch.

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