Posted on October 21, 2021 by Codec Team

Male Skincare Stepchange

Male skincare is finally catching up.

Sainsbury's have recently announced they are stocking Aaron Wallace, an Afro hair care brand for black men, in UK stores.

It's a huge step in making skincare and beauty more accessible to more black men, and no doubt will give the brand a platform to solve other needs beyond their current haircare range.

The UK can look to brands like Bevel in the US for growth ambitions, newly backed by P&G and expanding into 10,000 stores nationwide.

And this feels like just the start.

Tracking cultural engagement on the Codec platform, we've seen male beauty topics trending across broad interest communities like streetwear, sports, nightlife and gaming.

All this points to more men across all walks of life opening up to and engaging with beauty conversations. New growth audiences waiting to be served and unlocked.

For example, imagine male skincare lines co-created by major gaming streamers, designed for those in front of screen or on camera all day.

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