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Consumers are turning to mood-altering food and drinks as they seek relaxation in a tumultuous world.

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If 2020 had to be described in one word, ‘chaotic’ would be a pretty fitting summation. The impact of the pandemic on all aspects of life has spurred consumers into seeking new ways to re-balance and mitigate risk, especially when it comes to mental health.

In a bid to battle the effects of burnout, exhaustion and stress, consumers are increasingly turning to foods and drinks aimed at altering and managing their moods. Boosting a whole industry catering to mood and relaxation in the process.

Buzzy words like CBD and adaptogenics - and ingredients like mushrooms, ginseng and hibiscus - have found their way into a seemingly endless array of products. From cereal bars to spreads, by way of water, the promises of added benefits that work to de-stress and restore chemical balance have never been more in demand.

At Codec, we’ve seen engagement with related interest topics and trends rising across thousands of cultural communities tracking live on our platform. 

Recess, which first made the headlines for its Instagram-friendly CBD drinks, has now launched a Mood range that aims to ‘calm the mind, lift the mood’. For alcohol, the movement goes hand-in-hand with the rise of the sober curious; the global market value of alcohol-free beer is projected to reach $29bn by 2026 - Global Market Insights. 

Drinking to get a different kind of buzz - one that helps relax the body while boosting the mind - offers a window into what a future state of socialising with alcohol could look like. Occasions where wellness, fun and good taste happily coexist.

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Booze-free newcomers like adaptogen-infused cocktails Curious Elixirs, and plant-based tonic Peak claim the fun without the hangover.

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