Martin Adams
20-Dec-2016 11:47:51

Top 5 tools for influencer marketing

At Codec we’re big believers in influencer-led content but only if it’s the right influencer. Influencers can be a really effective way of resonating with an audience and a powerful distribution method. But, like any piece of content, it’s incredibly important to know your audience first, so that you can then find the most fitting influencer, especially as influencer marketing can be expensive if you get it wrong.


Choosing the best influencer for your specific audience is tough, and requires evidence based decision making and actual data, not just gut feelings. That being said, if you do choose the perfect one, there are many immediate benefits:

  1. Cost-effective: if your content or brand is on-brand with the influencers typical content, then you may not have to pay a huge premium to secure the influencer.
  2. Engagement rates & ROI: you may achieve a much better ROI and engagement rate by finding a small blogger that resonates with your audience on an deep emotional and affinity level, rather than just a huge star with massive reach.

With all of the different tools available it can be difficult to find the right one, so to make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of our favourites.


The Blogger Programme

The Blogger Programme is an exchange where brands can connect with bloggers, and vice versa. The platform's search function allows brand to filter influencers by fields such as genre, location, keywords and platform. Once you've partnered with the blogger(s) you want, the workflow section helps you keep track of the tasks or campaigns assigned to each, and the porgress of their work. They offer brands a free 7-day trial, so you can try before you buy.

The Blogger Programme.png



If you're keen to get a movement going on Instagram, then indaHash may be a good place to start. You start by identifying your campaign, then your price and specify the Instagrammers you want to reach. Brands can either provide the image to be used, or they can simply have the influencer produce their own image (which would save on production costs) - either way, the IP in the image remains with the brand, not the influencer. There are currently over 100,000 influencers on their books.




Oanalytica provide brands with software that enables them to get strong oversight on the main influencers in their market. The influencer feed allows them to track what is being said by key influencers. They are also able to build detailed profiles of their influencers so they can understand the person behind the influence and learn how to best engage them. The tool also provides network maps so users can get a feel for how these various voices are interlinked.



Hypr Brands

Hypr Brands is an analytics-heavy influencer marketing tool. Like the other tools listed here, it provides a platform where users can browse for and communicate directly with influencers. It also provides detailed demographic, psychographic and geographic data on influencers and their audiences. They are also looking to roll out impact measurement functionality soon.




Whilst we’d be doing ourselves a disservice not to give ourselves the shout out, so here’s a quick spiel about Codec.

Codec puts audiences at the centre of creative decisions, using AI to show brands and publishers the content an audience wants them to make- before they make it. Our tool helps build a deep understanding of the audiences brands want to engage with, including who they are, what they react well to and which influencers they love to follow.

Taking it back to what we said at the beginning, we can give brands the most detailed understanding of their audence and what makes them tick, and consequently we can pinpoint the best influencers to reach them.

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