Martin Adams
14-Dec-2016 11:08:33

UK Beauty Rankings - out now!

We are so excited this morning, because we have just released our UK Beauty RankingsIn it, we've used our machine learning and AI magic to rank 84 leading UK beauty brands on their social media marketing performance.

Beauty Report preview.png

Why did we do it?

Brands are investing time, energy and money into social media, but no one really knows if what they are doing actually works. The beauty industry is a particularly competitive market, with so many players at different price points. This report identifies the beauty brands that are truly able to understand the needs and interests of their consumers to serve up content marketing that really resonates.

Industry veteran David Alberts, co-founder at Been There Done That and former Executive Creative Director of Grey Global Group, comments: “Codec has a unique ability to draw insights from data and then use this to paint a picture that launches a thousand thoughts. The key here is that knowledge is not based on opinion but audience fact.”

How did we do it?

We assessed the beauty brands on four criteria: “Snapchat”, “Presence”, “Segments” and “Content”.

  • The “Snapchat” score looks at each brand’s relevance to Snapchat users by comparing the interests of that brand’s audience to the interests of a representative sample of Snapchat users
  • “Presence” is a measure of each brand’s reach on social media
  • The “Segments” score shows the level of engagement of each brand’s audience across the top interests associated with beauty (perfumes & fragrances, cosmetics, skincare and nail care)
  • The “Content” score is based on the quality of each brand’s marketing output, with preference given to interesting content

So essentially, Presence and Content scores measure the direct success of each brand’s social media strategy, whereas Snapchat and Segment scores look to contextual indicators of each brand’s impact.

We've also specifically highlighted how relevant these brands are to the Snapchat audience, because we recognise that success on this platform is the cutting edge of marketing strategy.

As a little added bonus, we've also included a selection of our unique insights into the Snapchat audience: their interests, their dominant personality and their image engagement levels. This will be valuable to anyone - not just the beauty industry - keen to engage with Snapchatters.

And the winners are...

Download the report and find out!


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