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Culture eats Marmite for Brexit

As Peter Drucker never said.

At Codec we help brands understand and unlock culture.

We think this is crucial, as culturally informed brands tend to create better work, generate fame and drive growth. But cultural relevance can be hard to achieve with authenticity, so we’ve decided to start calling out examples of those we think are getting it right. And our client Unilever is first up...

Marmite has created some great and memorable work over the years, with the ‘love it or hate it’ platform a seemingly endless source of creativity. This again proved the case with a deliciously acute riff on the new contender to the ‘most Marmite topic in Britain’ crown; Brexit. A topic that many brands would steer well clear of. 


 We often uncover political interests when building Tribes for our clients. Most brands have strict rules of engagement when it comes to politics. Usually, the first rule is not to engage. Which is why we loved the Marmite work all the more. A simple, brave and refreshingly irreverent take on a divisive topic that doesn’t come down on either side of the argument.

The fact that a yeast extract spread can leverage a topic like Brexit to build equity speaks volumes about the power of cultural relevance.

So, hats off to Marmite; a great example of a brand leaning into culture to create stand out work.

What’s not to love? (or hate).

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