Clementine Bernhardt

The Covid-19 Report

How to stay relevant - now. Based on analysis of hundreds of thousands of global data points, our latest report explores six cultural tribes to watch; tracking their response to Covid-19, and sharing guidance for brands to engage and connect through culture.

Codec The Covid-19 Report

Brands are having to rip up their marketing playbook and start again.

Plans for 2020 and beyond either bear no relevance to the current lives of their consumers, or at worst are a liability, making them appear tone deaf to the issues. Content production plans are on hold, and brands are having to navigate going direct to influencers and consumers to create content. Advertising during COVID-19 has become generic.

We believe that only culturally relevant brands will survive. Never has it been more important for marketers to connect to consumer passions and find an authentic role to market with audiences, not to them.

Codec are a cultural intelligence platform. We apply science to culture using AI-driven analysis of thousands of millions of digital content engagements, grouping mass audiences into meaningful cultural networks, which we call tribes, linked by shared leaders, interests and identity. We work with leading brands within Unilever, L’Oreal, P&G and more to unlock, track, and grow their own bespoke tribes - giving them the cultural edge to create and activate emotionally-resonant content that supercharges growth.

Based on real-time analysis of hundreds of thousands of global data points, The Covid-19 Report deep-dives into six growing tribes with big buying power across the UK and US. 

Which tribes are seeking radical honesty? Who will respond best to connection and empowerment? And how do you speak authentically to audiences that are attempting to ignore the pandemic?

Get under the skin of these audiences in culture, and how they are responding to COVID-19, to inform how to connect with them creatively, reach them in media, and ultimately, drive growth. 


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