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Fashion - 3 communities to watch

Connecting to the new fashion consumer

Exploring three rapidly-growing cultural communities - Digi Fluid, Modern Poise, and Ethical Contemporary. 

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Fashion is facing a significant set of mindset shifts, both warped and accelerated by this past year's turbulence and instability. 

Consumers are becoming ever more selective with their choices. Brands are seeking how to contend with growing environmental concerns; the demand for greater ethical transparency; and new and more varied definitions of luxury. 

Tapping in to live consumer communities, linked by shared interests, behaviours and leaders - is the key to keeping up to speed with cultural change. 

Read the report to uncover the big themes that matter to these communities, key media and influencers, predominant personality types and the visuals that influence them, along with guidance on winning brand behaviours to connect with them. 

In an industry-first, working with us you can activate the Digi Fluid and Ethical Contemporary communities directly in media, using any DSP. Get in touch if you'd like to find out more - [email protected] 

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