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Ethical pet parents

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Conscious pet lovers seeking to meet the health and wellbeing needs of their pets - without compromising on sustainable living. 

Younger pet parents feel a strong sense of duty when it comes to providing for and protecting their babies. 

Beyond the basics, they are increasingly motivated by ensuring their pet's holistic health and emotional wellbeing needs are also being met. 

Covid has brought both emotional and sustainability needs into sharper focus; accelerating shifting attitudes and behaviours across all aspects of petcare. 

As 20% of UK young adults welcomed new pets into their homes in 2020, and a further 18% plan to do so; this is a rich growth space for brands to serve and unlock

We've seen a steady increase in engagement with content related to ethical pet parenting on the Codec platform
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In ETHICAL PET PARENTS, we explore -
- the evolving relationships between pets and their parents
- highly engaged content that resonates amongst this community
- opportunities for brands to connect with authenticity.  


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