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Platforms and brands are rising up to finally cater to women* who have long been underserved in sports and fitness. 

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For women, by women
adidas’ new line, Formotion, was created for women, by an all-women design team, and aims to celebrate, support and cater to the female form.

The US women’s soccer team’s very public fight for equal pay is one of many loud examples of how severely underfunded, and undersupported, women are in sports. 

As the women’s final FA Cup takes place this Saturday (May 22) and the Tokyo Olympics loom, culture is watching women in sport more than ever. And so it is up to brands, organisations and the media to uplift women and give them the same platform afforded to their male counterparts.

Hoping to give female athletes access to experts across sports, business and media, the Women’s Sports Trust in the UK has launched Unlocked, an annual mentorship programme. Now on its second year, it features women in 27 different sports who are given the chance to access networks and advice to help them gain confidence and find their voices. 

The issue, however, goes much beyond the professional field. According to Women in Sports, in England, there are over 700,000 women more inactive than men. Meanwhile, the Codec platform is tracking that within fitness, there is a growing interest in sports, particularly during lockdown, meaning there is a huge opportunity to create the spaces and communities that make women feel like they belong. 

Nike’s new female-focused Gen Z platform NbG (Nothing but Gold), for example,  will be dedicated to sport, style and self-care.  Athleta store associates receive mandatory sizing training and learn the principles of body-positive language. 

Brands who want to flex their muscles in this field need to be thinking of what products, services and platforms can actively champion change, and elevate the stories that will, in turn,  inspire generations of women to come.


*By ‘women’, we refer to anyone who identifies as female 

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