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Today Feed Product release

“Every human decision depends on emotion, every single one.” - Antonio Damasio, Neuroscience Professor, University of Southern California,


As every good marketer knows, emotion is a key factor in dictating choice. But to leverage this, you need to form empathy with your audience.This can be a challenge to keep on top of when you consider that culture is always evolving and shifting. This is why Codec has launched the Today Feed - a new tool to help marketers gain a deeper understanding of Tribes.




With updates every three hours, Today Feed shows you who your Tribes are following, what content they are engaging with and what they are saying about it.

On top of the existing suite of tools Codec platform currently offer, we have developed the Today feed to integrate into existing marketing workflows and


  1. Today Feed turns a static strategy into a live service. Brand/Insight Managers do a lot of work segmenting the market in order to create target audiences. Once complete, their work is presented to colleagues and then often not fully utilised. Today Feed offers all our clients the opportunity to bring to life the segments they create, share them with colleagues so they can see how they behave in culture pretty much in real time. Basically, it helps raise the profile of our clients and the work they do.

  2. Customer Centricity.
    Everyone talks about customer centricity, but very few brands actually achieve it. A major reason for this is because most marketers exist in a bit of a vacuum surrounded by static demographic segmentation that fails to accurately represent their audience. Today Feed will help put the customer and relevant culture at the heart of the client organisation. It will help ensure that marketers and their agencies can get under the skin of target segments and facilitate customer-centric thinking at all times.

  3. Finger on the Cultural Pulse.
    Culture changes quickly - for example, a YouTube video will get roughly 80% of its views within 48 hours of launch. At the tactical level clients need to be able to react fast to resonate in culture. Today Feed updates daily and ensures that social and content teams, in particular, have a steady supply of relevant inspiration to fuel daily content ideas. In an ideal world, we want Today Feed to be one of the first things that content teams check in the morning to get relevant, timely cultural inspiration to kick off the day.

Try it out, share it with colleagues and agency partners and most importantly of all, let us know what you think and how we can make it better.

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