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Culinary creatives

The rise of cooking as creative expression, catalysed by Covid.

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55% of consumers plan on cooking from scratch more often post-pandemic - Mintel

Attitudes and behaviours have dramatically shifted for many lifestyle communities not previously interested in cooking or kitchen craft.

Spurred on by the pandemic, diverse communities are now channelling their creativity into learning new culinary skills, exploring cuisines and delving into the sensorial elements of their meals.

In the absence of travel and exploration abroad, experimenting with new cuisines and flavours at home provides a gateway to new experiences.

Lifestyle communities are exploring food content in new ways; seeking to upskill in the kitchen and develop knowledge of different cuisines.

At Codec we’ve seen food-related interests rising across cultural communities ranging from fashion to beauty and travel.
>> We're currently seeing a 40% rise in cultural cuisine across lifestyle communities tracking on the Codec platform. 

On TikTok - which has seen +15BN food posts in the last year - lifestyle creators are experimenting with recipe content and are increasingly using food as a platform for creativity. From ‘tortilla folds’ to ‘6 layered brownies’ and ‘pesto eggs’ - and the rise of ‘TikTok Pasta’ led to feta cheese selling out across the globe.

Brands are serving up creative ways to engage these budding cooks. Connecting food to wider interests to elevate experiences and ensure resonance. Old El Paso recently hooked into wanderlust and travel FOMO through a social competition highlighting Mexican destinations explored through local dishes.


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