Posted on October 6, 2021 by Codec Team

Progressive Policies - redefining the modern workforce

Post-pandemic, the modern workforce is being redefined - an employee’s worth is no longer measured by presenteeism or how much their personal and professional lives intertwine. 


Now more than ever, people are prioritising a balanced and happy lifestyle over a big salary or hefty job title.

As WFH culture continues to establish itself, companies are having to adapt and offer benefits and policies that truly make a difference. Free snacks and a ping pong table no longer suffice.

Across the board, we’re seeing a rise in policies that accommodate the nuance of people’s personal lives, and make a real difference. 

Channel 4’s menopause policy promotes flexible working, quiet/cool rooms and up to 7 consecutive sick days with no doctor’s note.

Elsewhere, companies are allowing new fathers to work shorter hours in the weeks following paternity leave, while working parents can base their work around school hours. 

The pandemic has taken a great toll on mental health. There’s been a greater focus on taking time to decompress and pause across the corporate world.

Companies like Nike and Bumble have offered employees a mental health week off, while Citigroup has banned work video calls on Fridays to allow employees a break from the screen. 

As companies continue to grapple with the fight for talent, they shifting policies to match the expectations of the workforce of tomorrow. 

A major change in mindset shows that for them, living well is as important as working hard.


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