Posted on October 6, 2021 by Codec Team

Social Climbers - How social rock climbing took off



At Codec we analyse millions of content engagements to tag and track how communities engage with their interests and passions over time. 

We’ve seen +60% increase in engagement with climbing-related topics across a wide range of communities. 

From fitness and wellbeing to environmentally-minded consumers and family-focused communities, it seems everyone has caught the climbing bug.

Connected to broader consumer sentiment shifts towards slowing down and spending more present and connected time with loved ones, climbing is about more than getting up walls. Inherently social and gloriously analog, climbing taps into starved-of-late needs such as digital detoxing, physical teamwork and delayed gratification.

Related searches have risen by 40% over the last 6 months (Google Trends) and this trend is set to continue to gather pace as the Olympics begin. Sport Climbing is making its debut in Tokyo this year with 3 new events.

Climbing has always been a big part of The North Face's DNA. Its 'Walls are Meant for Climbing' platform promotes unity and inclusivity; the brand funds initiatives that tackle barriers to climbing, and has recently designed the Olympic kit for team USA's first ever climbing team. Could a percentage of sales from consumer versions of Olympic kits funnel back to support Covid-hit climbing communities  around the world?

 In the UK indoor climbers numbered +1M pre-pandemic. With rising interest through Covid and the added clout of the Olympics, this is a global community for brand’s to watch. 

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