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Super hosters - staying in is the new going out

Homemakers are upgrading their personal spaces to suit post-pandemic needs and to live - and host - better.

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Gather around - Misette hopes to reignite the art of table setting with themed dinnerware kits that include plates, glasses and linen, and can be built up over time. 

In 2020 most people were forced to think about and use their homes differently. From office and classroom, to entertainment hub and personal space to relax and recharge.

Our homes became versatile safe shelters. According to Ikea, 78% of people viewed their homes as sanctuaries during global lockdowns; transforming the homespace to suit ever-changing demands became a necessity.

We’ve seen this play out over time on the Codec platform. Engagement with topics like renovation and home improvement, homestyle and gardening and landscaping has greatly increased across a wide range of communities.

This is echoed in retail data. B&Q reported sales of 361,000 metres of artificial grass, 1.6m deck boards and 3,000 sheds in the first quarter of 2021 alone. John Lewis reported glassware as the most popular category once physical shops reopened in the UK in April, and sales of outdoor heaters went through the roof. 

Elsewhere, companies like Social Studies are reinventing ‘tablescaping’, and allowing consumers to replicate restaurant experiences at home with ‘party in a box’ kits that include plates, linen, candles, flowers and assembly instructions on a specific theme, such as Moroccan Nights or Color Block. 

Ikea called 2020 the year of the big home reboot, and we’re spotting opportunities for brands to become a part of this major lifestyle upgrade.  

From home improvement through to FMCG and wellness, brands have an opportunity to help consumers build future-fit home environments. Partners that can help people elevate in-home experiences will be valued and rewarded.

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