Will Oshiro de Groot

Gaming reformers

A progressively-minded community seeking to reform the gaming landscape and create a more inclusive, fun and equal ‘third place’ online.

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Connecting to a rapidly-growing cultural community 

Video gaming has exploded over the last year - a global market worth $180 billion and projected to reach $287 billion by 2026. 

The gaming landscape has become a hot topic for the advertising industry, seeking to connect to new growth audiences through their passions and interests.

This report shares new research identifying one of the fastest-growing communities within gaming - the Gaming Reformers. 

Gaming Reformer community growth over 12 months,
tracked on the Codec platform. 

Progressively-minded and diverse, spanning gender and demographic lines, this emerging group aim to create a more inclusive, fun and equal ‘third place’ online.

Based on +1.8M content engagements analysed over 12 months on the Codec platform, and a survey of 1000 community members (UK + US), we mix quantitative cultural data with quotes from Gaming Reformers to bring this community to life.

Read on to understand:

01  Who are the Gaming Reformers, and what are they passionate about?

02  Three key themes that resonate: barriers to access, toxicity & stereotypes and purposeful play. 

03  How brands can connect to this growth audience with authenticity.

By Will Oshiro de Groot + Stephen Spencer


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