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Staycation nation

As city dwellers seek to make the most of domestic holiday discoveries, countryside retreats and car hire are proving increasingly popular. 

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Closer to home - Google Trends data reveals that UK travel search volumes for Ireland and wales increased by 700% compared to pre-pandemic April.

With continued uncertainty around international holiday-making this year due to the pandemic, domestic trips are high on the agenda as many seek to ‘save the summer’. 

At Codec, we track cultural communities through the content they engage with online. Over the last few months, we’ve seen a 40% rise in interest across topics including food + culinary tourism, outings + events (UK) and travel in the UK.

Health and safety concerns around using public transport still remain front of mind with 64% of Brits saying that travelling by car is their preferred mode of holiday transport. 52% say they will use public transport less in future due to the pandemic. 

This surge in interest around domestic travel, together with safety concerns surrounding public transport, has given rise to new trends in domestic travel. Drivers are converting their road cars into mini caravans, with TikTok influencers such as teacher Laurie Alyce amassing over 2.2 million likes for her content in which she documents her car camping adventures in the UK. The #CarCamping hashtag on TikTok has 80 million views.

Research from Sixt reveals that 72% of car rental bookings in the UK were made for 5 days or more, indicating a desire for longer stays. Elsewhere, Halfords reports that associated products such as car roof racks are experiencing a surge in sales

Jaguar Land Rover’s ‘THE OUT’ recently launched in Manchester, providing an app-based car rental service that aims to give users a stress and  hassle-free experience. Premium cars are delivered to customers’ doors within three hours, freeing them up to travel the UK in style. 

As vaccination rollouts provide a much-needed ‘shot in the arm’ for the travel sector, brands have an immediate opportunity to facilitate memorable and innovative staycation solutions for consumers seeking to get behind the wheel and take travel into their own hands. 


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