Posted on October 6, 2021 by Codec Team

Packing Less of a Punch

Innovations in sustainable packaging are breaking old consumer habits, and providing more responsible ways to consume.


Consumer goods companies are leading the plastic-free revolution by creating new formats that deliver the same level of efficacy and service, but represent a huge change in how we consume.

Tracking rising interests on the Codec platform, we’ve seen an increased engagement with Reusable and Compostable Products & Packaging across audiences defined by a desire to live more sustainably.

Spearheading this shift is homecare companies, who are replacing bulky plastic bottles (which are not only unsustainable but more expensive to ship), with novel refills that do the job just as well. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, cleaning products are 90% water, meaning that concentrated solutions are an easy switch to make, and the positive impact on the environment is immediate

The shift can also be seen in categories like beauty and even baby care. Launched in 2018 in Berlin and Milan, Lush’s Naked stores sell package-free products - like shampoo bars - and encourage consumers to use Lush Lens, an image recognition app, to scan the naked merchandise for more ingredient information. 

Newcomers in the DTC world are in the position to experiment with alternative packaging and new formats from the get-go, but it is the established companies that have the supply chain people-power and consumer reach to really instill impactful change.

Increased consumer demand for lower-impact lifestyles, coupled with innovative solutions for product formulation and packaging, means the products we love might soon give the planet some much needed love in return.

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