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Snacks with benefits

Snacking has already been on the rise, but working from home and new health concerns have helped boost an industry focused on functional yet tasty snacks.

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Snacks made with AI - MyAir is a food tech startup that uses AI algorithms to identify the perfect botanical snack bar blends to relieve stress for individual consumers. 

In a post-Covid world, arguably all brands need to think about how they can become part of a healthy lifestyle. 

At Codec, we track cultural communities through the content they engage with online. Over the last year, we’ve seen a notable rise in interest across topics such as diet and nutrition, health and wellness and personal well-being.

With consumers more conscious, concerned and protective around personal health than ever before, they’re seeking new ways to stay in control of their bodily health. Personalised and customised snacking is one way in which consumers are proactively seeking to redesign their lives.

MyAir offers consumers stress-management through personalised plant snack bars. The company’s unique algorithm assesses an individual’s response to stress, after which it calculates the product best suited to the consumer’s profile. 

Elsewhere, Nourished is the world’s first 3D printed and personalised vitamin, ‘devoted to making truly tailor-made nutrition which is also 100% vegan, eco-friendly and delicious’. From immunity boosts to regulating hot flushes, consumers are able to  personalise their own vitamin gummy stack from a choice of over 30 active ingredients, catering to their individual needs. 

Eating with renewed purpose, the health-conscious consumer will seek new kinds of snacking experiences. As the traditional three meals-a-day structure of eating changes, so too will daily eating habits and routines. 

With vitamins receiving the snackification treatment, it’s clear that snacking will play an increasingly prominent - and personal - role in consumers’ daily lives. 


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